Getting started with R for busy people

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Get your data ready

8 – Import data

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What you will learn in this lesson

  • How to manipulate files and folders in RStudio
  • How to load a package
  • How to import a CSV file
  • How to import an Excel file
  • How to import an OpenDocument (OpenOffice/LibreOffice) file
  • How to work with file paths with projects
  • Which packages are contained in the Tidyverse
  • How to use packages contained in the Tidyverse

So far we:

  • created a project
  • installed the Tidyverse

We are now ready to work on new data. Let’s start by importing some.

To match the experience you will have working with real data, I purposely did not prepare the data beforehand. In this lesson and in the next one, we will learn how to import and how to prepare data.

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